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Rollercoasting book

Frank Watson’s latest book, Rollercoasting, contains 40 colour photographic images and an introductory essay that explores the Kent coast as a frontier between England and Europe. The coastline fluctuates between the flatlands of Thanet and Dungeness and the undulating chalk hills and cliffs of the North Downs.

The photographs allude to the way certain sites are historically respected whilst other places remain quiet and overlooked. The images attempt to portray a coastline that is shaped by both respect and contempt, where the natural and the industrial are often at odds with one another.

Rollercoasting can be seen as part of a trilogy alongside The Hush House: Cold War Sites in England (2004) and Soundings from the Estuary (2014). The former looked at the American occupation of East Anglia during the Cold War in particular the nuclear sites that are now left as memorials to that conflict.

Soundings from the Estuary examined the Thames Estuary, which despite its blighted image, has a rich industrial and colonial history. However it is now under threat from rising sea levels and the effects of global warming.

All three books consider English landscapes as sites of conflict where political, environmental, and historical themes are referenced within the images; reflecting on how human interaction, defines and imposes a sense of place.

The images also hint at how these areas might evolve or, more cynically, dissolve under pressure from urban expansion, environmental impact and general disregard for the natural world. However the images also emphasize the pleasures of the often unwitting and eccentric quirkiness of human intervention.

Publication date: April 2022
Hush House Publishers
ISBN 978-0-9548353-1-6
25 x 22cms, 40 colour images, 72pp, hardback

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Soundings from the Estuary book

Soundings from the Estuary
Publication date: September 2014
Essay by Jonathan Meades
Hush House Publishers
Price: £25
ISBN 978-0-9548353-1-6
25 x 22cms, 32 colour images, 72pp, hardback
Edition: 500 (sold out, a few copies available from the author)
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The Hush House: Cold War Sites in England
Available from Artdata

The book contains 20 colour photographic images that explore the relationship between the English landscape and the architectural structures that remain from the Cold War with an accompanying essay 
by Cathy Slessor, Architect and former Editor of Architectural Review.

Book size: 245x295mm (softback).
Price: £15.
ISBN 0-9548353-0-1
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Isles of Grain
Frank Watson and Dave Lawrence, 2009
The DVD is available from Artdata. See details above.