Essays & Links

Various writings around projects

This link leads to part of the book Emerging Landscapes: Between Production and Representation (Ch4, Ashgate. 2014) entitled Liquid History, Anxious Future: The Thames Estuary, A Landscape Under Threat. It talks about the influence of the Soundings from the Estuary project. Read here.

This is an Interview for Resonance Radio with Mark Aitken as part of his show ‘There Then Here Now’
broadcast on 23rd March 2017.

An article by Jonathan Meades found in the Spectator that examines the Thames Estuary. Read here.

A paper presented in 2009 at a conference considering the relation between sound and photography.
Read here (pdf download).

Essay by Cathy Slessor first published in The Hush House: Cold War sites in England.
Read here (pdf download).